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Polar Bears - HD Clips
Highlights from the tundra


November 25th

HD video of Polar Bears and effects of Global Warming - WildlifeHD.com

Light snow drifts across the tundra as a bear and her cub rest. We stay with her for an hour, and then stop recording to change tapes. Just then, the wind shifts, and in the course of fifteen seconds, the wind changes from less than 10knts. to over 50knts. On this, our last day on the tundra, the bears disappear in to the blizzard. They have a long journey ahead, and we hope they return to the shores of Hudson Bay next year-- healthy and strong.

Remember-- these video clips require a long time to load. Please be patient, we think it's worth the wait.

November 24th

HD video of Polar Bears and effects of Global Warming - WildlifeHD.com

Winds subside early in the day, and we see more bears walking the shore or Hudson Bay. By midmorning, strong winds return and some bears head out on the ice. Soon, perhaps, the bears will begin their trek on the ice highway into the Arctic. For now, however, bears are struggling.

November 23rd

HD video of Polar Bears and effects of Global Warming - WildlifeHD.com

This is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Many people are eating turkeys, and one polar bear almost got a 170 lb one of his own. See the clip by clicking 480p or 720p.

November 22nd

HD video of Polar Bears and effects of Global Warming - WildlifeHD.com

We are at Cape Churchill today. We arrive to find much open water, and polar bears are walking the shore. Hudson Bay is freezing, but a warming climate is delaying the freeze and creating big problems for polar bears. We find a sleepy bear, a fox, and a mom with a cub. Click the 720p link to see these in high definition. Click 480p to see a smaller picture.

November 21st

WildlifeHD.com - Sunrise and Polar Bears in High Definition Video

We awake to a clear sky. Buggy One starts perfectly and we drive to the shore of Hudson Bay where a beautiful sunrise is unfolding. Join us as we join the bears-- some sleeping and some hunting for elusive kelp. See a bear pounce on his prey (kelp), and observe the sunrise with us. All in HD, and all shot, edited and uploaded from Buggy One on the tundra. Click 720p to see it in high definition.

November 20th

WildlifeHD - Polar Bears play fighting in High Definition video.

A day after big winds and blowing snow, we find two young bears playfighting. They fight for a few minutes, and then each eats snow and kelp. Then fight again. They play until sunset and then walk towards Hudson Bay and disappear. Tomorrow we drive to Cape Churchill. Next clips on November 22.

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November 19th

WildlifeHD - Video of Polar Bear in HD.

A west wind blows at over 50km/hr, and Hudson Bay's ice highway is taking shape. Many bears are moving out. For those who remain, it's a day for hunkering down in the willows-- except for one huge and beautiful male. He's on the move.

November 18th

WildlifeHD -  High Definition Video of Polar Bears near Hudson Bay, Canada

A beautiful Saturday on the shore of Hudson Bay. The lake is freezing and bears are resting. Many bears on the move.

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November 15th

Polar Bears nursing in HD video by WildlifeHd.com

Late in the day we learn of a mother and cubs sleeping near a snow bank. We approach slowly and wait. The bears make a visit to the nearby scratching posts, and then hunger sets in. A beautiful evening here on the shore of Hudson Bay.

November 13th

HD video of Polar Bears by WildlifeHD.com

We awake to clear skies. This is the first sunny morning in weeks. With Eli still asleep in his bunk, Lisa and I drive towards the water and park Buggy One. Dozens of bears walk near us in the early hours of the morning. This short clip is of a beautiful bear who had a little itch.

November 12th

Polar Bears Playfighting in HD video - By WildlifeHD.com

Wind blows hard and cold today. Polar bears are eating kelp, resting, and playfighting. We see a half dozen pairs of bears playfighting this afternoon.

November 12th

WildlifeHD - HD Video of Polar Bears.

Wind blows hard from the North, and the buggy rocks in the wind. I set up a wide shot on a resting bear, and then walk to the back of the buggy to play airplanes with Eli. The world certainly did unfold while I wasn't watching. See this fun, single-shot clip!

November 11th

WildlifeHD - Video of Polar Bears in HD.

Snow fell all morning. In the afternoon, dark clouds fill the sky and the bears play in fresh powder.

November 10th

WildlifeHD - Video of Polar Bears in HD.

Brrrrr for the humans! Playtime for polar bears. See the fun.

November 1st

WildlifeHD - Video of Polar Bears in HD.

Snow! First good snow arrives. Cold here and time for play! Snow goes away a few days later.

October 24th

WildlifeHD - Video of Polar Bears in HD.

Getting cold, but not cold enough. Bears are strolling around, eating kelp. Too hot for playfighting.

October 20th

WildlifeHD - Video of Polar Bears in HD.

Much like a beach holiday in Mexico. Sleeping on the beach. Chewing kelp. Rolling around. No snow yet. Need winter!

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