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SeeMoreHD specializes in producing high definition video of the natural world using robotic camera systems. From distances as great as 110 miles, we control our HD cameras.

We are shooting, uploading, editing, compressing and publishing HD content to the web for same-day HD programing of the natural world. It's a new use for technology that we think will allow for long-term viewing of the world's natural wonders-- all in HD. 

We invite you to download our HD content each day, and enjoy these beautiful scenes. We hope our same-day video will be viewed in hospitals, airports, boardrooms and in homes across the World-- anywhere that people desire to see the beauty of the planet.

During July 2007, we hope you enjoy viewing Alaska's
bears in HD.

Brown Bears on HD and Live!
We built a 110 mile digital link to view the Brown Bears.
Click here to watch them fish!

Polar Bears on HD and Live!
We stayed on the tundra with the polar bears for a month.
Click here to see the experience!


Polar Bears | Brown Bears | Contact